1. What is the cost to attend the event?

The event is s free outdoor festival for the public to attend. The event includes an open air concert and vendors for people to choose from. The event is held on Olde New Jersey Avenue in the Entertainment District that allows many options for guests in the areas of beverages, food, and many other entertainment options.

2. Where do I stay?

There are many options for visitors over the weekend. We suggest that you utilize the following website for all your hotel accommodation needs: http://www.wildwoodsnj.com/wildwood-accommodations.cfm

3. What happens with bad weather?

The event will continue in all weather unless its severe enough for the public safety to either postpone or cancel the event. We will do our best to postpone the event in order for the public and vendors to have a great weekend listening to country music from our bands.

4. How much is Parking?

Street Parking is Free!